Intro to Python

This is the perfect class for any student who wants to learn coding! Students will learn the fundamental building blocks of programming in the most popular language, Python. No prior coding experience required! Course material includes:

✓ Data Types

✓ Arithmetic Operators

✓ Variables

✓ Conditional Expressions

✓ Iteration

✓ Graphics with the Turtle Library

Intro to Web Development

This course introduces students to web design and development! Students will learn fundamental HTML and CSS skills while building a personal website of their own! No prior programming experience is required. Course material includes:

✓ Navigation

✓ Divs

✓ Lists

✓ Tables


✓ Images & Links

Class Timings

Our classes will be 90 minutes each, and will span over 3 weeks.

Classes will be held twice a week, starting June 27 and ending July 16.

All timings are in Pacific Daylight Time.

What do I need to attend classes?

You will need a PC/Laptop with Zoom installed, as well as a stable internet connection. We will be using Zoom for virtual lessons, so a web cam is recommended. You will also need to read and agree to the terms of the Code of Conduct, Attendance Policy, and Media Release forms.